Our aim at Nunski Park is to produce thoroughbreds in such a way to provide them with the optimum feed, handling and education to ensure the best possible start to their racing career.  

To achieve this, we start at day one, when our weanlings first arrive.  They are handled, learn to lead, tie up, be washed, groomed, moved around and become used to activity from the start. They are socialised with other horses and their lifestyle is balanced with the need to keep them safe with the need for them to develop psychologically and physically into confident, yet obedient and safe animals

The most perfectly bred, perfectly conformed thoroughbred still will not excel in its racing career if it is not manageable and have a sensible, workable brain. To optimise our horses mental development,  we utilise our older, more mature performance horses to show them how its done by stabling or paddocking them together. The young stock soon pick up on what is acceptable and what is not. We found that the youngsters developed much faster, and are more manageable and sensible when an  old soul is leading the group rather than letting a bunch of infants left to their own devices in which no boundaries  exist.... just play, play and more play...

From the start our young stock are placed on individualised, balanced diets that are regularly adjusted to achieve optimal growth and development. This is achieved over an extended period of time, usually about 6 months to ensure the entire muslcoluskeletal system of the horse develops at a more even rate through slow balanced growth. This reduces the risk of joint problems, other ailments and injuries from a rapid, high grain yearling prep designed to promote rapid growth over a short period of time. We believe for both the horse's welfare and your investment dollar, that the correct way,  is the right way. 

Nunski Park believe a racehorse's career starts from the womb and manages every aspect in a detailed plan to give every horse the greatest  chance of success in the future  

"These are some of the most well behaved, well mannered and best prepared yearlings we've seen during our inspections" a recent comment by some of Australia's leading bloodstock agents and stud managers. 

 Together with some of the leading equine industries experts in nutrition, hoof care, conformation and overall health Nunski Park prepares and presents our horses to the highest standard.

Preparing tomorrow's champions today is not only a statement it's our mission  at Nunski Park